Differentiate or die!

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Not too long ago it was fine to be a YADS (Yet Another Drupal Shop): if you specialised in Drupal, that meant you were different, memorable, and innovative. Drupal has however moved into the next phase of it's life cycle: to flourish and grow, doing Drupal is no longer enough. 

In this session I will talk about:

  • The difference between geographical and vertical differentiation.
  • Why we need more vertical differentiation to protect the Drupal community from market shocks.
  • How we can make the community and our businesses anti-fragile.
  • Show some example of vertical differentiation.
  • Talk about what has succeeded and what has so far failed.
  • Why market access is the key to success.
  • Some of the big trends like flowing (conversational UI) and cognifying (AI) that are about to transform the internet, and that we ignore at our peril. 


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