From Drupal developer to CEO

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A short story about the adventure of Dropsolid. Dominique De Cooman, coding alone in his kitchen with his partner Steven he quickly found the first funds to start a small Drupal company. Starting with one product and one service, 3,5 years later Dropsolid is a real firm of 60+ people all focused on developing Drupal websites, services and even marketing support for our clients that use Drupal websites.

The focus of his session will be on the challenges of starting a Drupal business, useful learnings on growth and the day to day friendly battles between Drupal Devs, marketing and sales and how those battles provide useful insights that go beyond what Drupal has to offer for clients in Belgium and abroad. He will also lift the veil on a very special project that will be released in 2017 that could change the Drupal development world completely.


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