Being Human

This track puts the software and tools aside to focus on the human beings who are behind it all.

We want to hear about your experiences, challenges and wins on supporting others and looking after yourself. Do you have success stories about happy healthy teams, human communication or finding your place within a team or in the Drupal community? We want to hear them!

This track also aims to discuss the hard topics that unfortunately affect human beings all too easily anywhere at anytime. How can we deal with conflict, support mental health, overcome imposter syndrome and prevent or recover from burnout?

We also want to hear your ideas on supporting the Drupal community. So many of us put so much time and energy into projects and into helping others. How can we support each other with the many roles and responsibilities that each of us take on? How can we also make sure to look after ourselves as well as others? How can we balance our work commitments, contribute and have a healthy lifestyle on top of that?

We invite you to be open, honest and proud of your human achievements. We also very much welcome your experiences, solutions and frank discussions on the tough topics that we see everyday in the Drupal community and the wider world.

Desired session topics

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Mental health
  • Best practices for communication
  • How to deal with communication challenges
  • Maintaining a healthy work-life / Drupal-life balance
  • Preventing burnout at an organisation/community/personal level
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Supporting / mentoring others
  • Knowing how and when to ask others for help
  • Creating / maintaining healthy happy teams
  • Approaching and overcoming conflict
  • Finding your place in the community
  • The human benefits of contributing to Open Source
  • How to contribute to Drupal minus the code
  • Drupal community success stories / lessons learnt
  • Empathy

Who should attend?

  • Human Beings
Leo Exter
Being Human