Build Your First Drupal 8 Module

Experience level
50 min

This workshop will introduce you to Drupal 8 development by building a simple custom module.

After a short overview of the core concepts and application architecture of Drupal 8, you will learn how you can customize Drupal beyond configuring it via the admin UI. When finishing this training you will have an idea about the ways you can extend Drupal 8, the best practices in doing so and how you can move forward to learn more.

Learning Objectives

  • Core concepts: entities, nodes, blocks, fields, view modes

  • Drush: managing Drupal via the CLI

  • Editing, exporting and importing configuration

  • The anatomy of a Drupal 8 module

  • Routing and controllers

  • Modifying Drupal with hooks

  • Extending Drupal with plugins

  • Building custom forms

  • Where to go next


  • Some PHP experience

  • A development machine with an *AMP stack

  • A recent version of composer and drush

  • An up-and-running installation of Drupal 8

Target Audience

  • Web developers with some PHP experience

  • PHP developers with no Drupal experience

  • Drupal 7 developers looking to get into Drupal 8