Empower your content editors with Paragraphs Behaviors

Experience level
50 min

Mostly everybody knows what Paragraphs are, but have you ever heard of the lesser known Paragraph Behaviors plugins?

If you think paragraphs are great by their own, then come discover their complimentary plugin: Paragraphs Behaviors.

While paragraphs offers a flexible data structure to content editors, their default configuration set is pretty much limited to fields grouped together in a certain order, with one or several view modes available. Paragraph behaviors are the layer allowing to add, well, behaviors to individual paragraph items. They are powerful, flexible, easy to create and above all, reusable, configurable through the UI, and are using the plugin system, hence OOP, allowing to get mostly rid of multiple hooks and procedural code we are used to write when it comes to add extra functionality to paragraphs.

While it's funny to write, it's even more pleasant to see happy content editors that can achieve way more from the admin UI, to build a wild variety of pages, layout, just by selecting a few options.

During this session, we will cover:

  • What ParagraphBehaviors are
  • The gaps they allow to fill in
  • How they works
  • Go through the experimental paragraphs_collection module 
  • How to implement your own
  • Show practical examples, from a developer perspective, a content editor perspective, and a visitor perspective