Managing your frontend assets in a modular backend environment

Experience level
30 min

About the talk

Maintaining your front end in a modular project like Drupal can be a hell of a job. Since Drupal doesn’t provide any front-end tools out of the box, structuring and maintaining your (or someone else's) setup can lead to lots of frustrations. In this talk, Martijn will explain how he handles his build setup and how you can run your front-end tasks with two fingers in the nose (Dutch saying meaning it will be a piece of cake).

About Martijn

Martijn is a Belgian lead front-end developer working at Intracto. He’s a maintainer of several open-source projects of which Bootstrap probably is the most well known. Martijn has also created RFS, a Bootstrap side project which automates CSS-units resizing. Every now and then he writes guest articles for CSS-Tricks. 

Drupal & Martijn

Martijn started developing websites in Drupal back when Drupal 6 was still a thing. Over the years, he started focusing more on the front-end part and found his way into the open-source world, leading him to become one of the Bootstrap guys.


Intracto has been developing websites in Drupal since 2011. With more than 100 Drupal developers, it is one of the most specialised Drupal companies in Belgium and the Netherlands.