Silver Sponsor slot available!

Hi there, glad you're reading this page. If you're still doubting, please read on. There is so much to be gained by becoming a DrupalCamp Sponsor. 

There is still a silver sponsor slot available! Find out about all the perks.

Whether you're trying to gain traction by exposing your brand or trying to reach out to the Drupal developer community and perhaps find someone to hire, this is the perfect opportunity for your company.

As a sponsor you can use all of the options we have available to increase your brand awareness. This includes a physical space with full freedom to promote your company or product, a bunch of social media announcements and a continuous loop of slides during the event in the coffee and lunch room.

Next to this, you are supporting the organisation that promotes Drupal in Belgium and organises these events to cater and foster the Drupal community. If you're a company using Drupal, this is a great way to give back!

Event Sponsor level