Symfony Framework style API building in Drupal

Session track
Code & Development
Experience level
50 min

Want to see new ways to take full advantage of Drupal using Symfony Components? This is for you! As a non-Drupal developer who works with Symfony Framework for years I'm trying to bring communities together by showing Drupal developers the power of the Symfony components available in Drupal and to show Symfony Framework developers that Drupal can also do the things they are used to work with. This session is about a journey to a completely alternative way to create a Restful API without using any of the well known modules. Don't be afraid to let go of the drupalisms you know and love...

This session is aimed at backend developers who have a basic understanding of dependency injection and routing.

At the end of this session you will:

  • know the different between Symfony Components and Symfony Framework
  • know how event subscribers can add powerful functionality
  • know how Symfony components can improve your workflows
  • and how this attract non-Drupal developers to help on Drupal projects
  • know how to create controllers as services and why this is useful
  • know how you can configure controllers with annotations
  • have a basic understanding of Symfony Form
  • learn about the new auto-wiring features available in Drupal 8.5
  • be excited to try everything yourself!

Message to the session selection team

With this session I am trying to bring communities together and so far at other conferences I've gotten great responses from the audience. I also created a module which combines all the presentation topics which I will present at the end so the audience can start playing around with the new stuff they saw right away with minimal effort. By telling people about my discoveries I really hope that I can get people of their islands and to improve the ecosystem overall.

Could also be fit in 30min if it suits the event and session can be given in Dutch or English.

About me

I've been a PHP developer for 12 years and recently changed into the role of Technical Director at MediaMonks, the biggest digital production agency on the planet. I've done sessions at various events including local meetups, DrupalCamps, DrupalJam, Drupal Dev Days and will do sessions at Decoupled Drupal Days in New York and Drupal Europe.