Speaker info


A key element of your DrupalCamp presentation is your electronic slide preparation. The audience will base its evaluation of you and your subject matter partly on the appearance of your images. An attractive, legible, and organized presentation will reflect positively on the content, and therefore on you. Please review these basic guidelines to ensure that your DrupalCamp presentation is the best it can possibly be:


We will be asking you to upload your slides after your session. You can also edit your session's page with any relevant info or links related to your session by contacting us.

Color and Contrast

Make good use of color and contrast. Dark backgrounds tend to be easier to view, especially with light text and graphics. Good background color choices are black, blue, maroon, or gradient dark colors. Good text colors are white or yellow. If you use a light background, use black or very dark text and graphics.


Maintain consistency throughout your slides. Using the same background color, text size, text color, and uniform fonts throughout all the slides makes it easier for the audience to follow the flow of your ideas.

What are some good resources for preparing my presentation?

We highly recommend the book slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations by Nancy Duarte, which provides practical advice on how to create presentations that effectively communicate your message.

Emma Jane Hogbin has given pre-conference workshops on presentation techniques for DrupalCon speakers. You can view the video of her 2009 workshop at: http://dc2009.drupalcon.org/session/presenting-you.html

You can view a video of Lullabot’s Matt Westgate on The Art of Presenting at: http://www.lullabot.com/blog/art-presenting.

Speaker FAQ

How long are sessions?

General sessions are 50 minutes, which may optionally include 10 minutes for audience Q&A. There are a few shorter sessions of 30 minutes.

How can I help improve my session's visibility in the community?

Once you've submitted a session, promote it! Community comments help our selection team better know what our attendees are interested in seeing at DrupalCamp.

How will my session be recorded?

We plan to provide video recording by capturing the (HDMI) output of your laptop. Additionally your session can be recorded with a video camera. Please give us a heads up if you do not want your session to be recorded.

What permissions do I need to present?

Ensure you have explicit permission to share your company/client information, or at what level is appropriate to share. Proposing a session without permission is grounds for session cancellation.

The Rooms

All rooms will have a podium, projector, and screen. You will need to bring your own laptop for your session. Setup times: Speakers are required to arrive at least 10 minutes early for setup. Speakers have access to the session rooms from prior to the first session of the day and also during the breaks.


There is visitor Wi-Fi available in all of the rooms, but we strongly recommend you have the ability to do your session without WiFi.

What to bring

  • Your laptop, with session slides loaded (it doesn't hurt to bring a backup USB)
  • Your laptop's power adaptor
  • A 230 volt power converter if you are visiting from outside Europe.
  • All rooms have a HDMI connection to the projector. We will provide VGA to HDMI converters for all rooms, but if you have one, please bring it in case we run short. Please be sure your laptop can connect to either HDMI or VGA connector
  • A slide advancer, if you want one.