Social Night

One of the great things about DrupalCamp is the chance to meet other people and this event will be no exception. Don't worry, the conversation over drinks doesn't revolve around Drupal all night.

Visiting Brewery De Koninck

Antwerp’s historic brewery – one of the few true city breweries left in Belgium – has recently been refurbished and is both a wonderful temple to the city’s favourite drop and an evocative example of early-20th-century industrial architecture. Self-guided tours begin with interactive exhibitions on brewing, Belgian beer and Antwerp’s beer specialities, then there’s a 4m-high walkway that takes you over the working brewery hall.

Tastings are, naturally, part of the proceedings, and there’s an attached shop selling beer, take-home signature bolleke (bowl) glasses and other beer souvenirs.

  • Date & Time: 8 September 18:00
  • Price: €7 - Unless we find a sponsor!
  • Location: Mechelsesteenweg 291 - 2018 Antwerp
  • Registration: Right here

Ribs @ Amadeus

As it is becoming more & more a tradition, those who want can join us for eating Ribs @ Amadeus Antwerp. They are very famous for their all-you-can eat formula for the ribs. They also serve vegetarian meals and other types of meat.

  • Date & Time: 8 September 20:00
  • Price: €13.95 for the ribs (drinks excluded)
  • Location: Sint Paulusplaats 20 - 2000 Antwerp
  • Registration: Right here