During DrupalCamp Antwerp we will have a dedicated code sprint room available, for attendees who want to help improve Drupal. We welcome all people to help out, whether this will be your first sprint, or you are an experienced sprinter (please help with mentoring!). You also don't need to be a coder to be able to help out. There are plenty of non-coding tasks that you can help with!

Drupal.be in Drupal8 sprint

Let's continue working on the new drupal.be website that is being built in Drupal8.

Your sprint topic?

We will update this page with the "official" topics sprinters will be working on, but feel free to come over and do some ad hoc work.
If you want to gather people around a specific topic, and want this listed here, get in touch with us!

Thanks to Codelab42

Special thanks to Codelab42 for sponsoring the code sprints!