DevOps; portmanteau; DevOps is the bridge between building websites and hosting them. The DevOps wave has gone from a trickle to a torrent, and we are now in a period of rapid growth and development. As it gains steam, the new ideas, processes, and cultural changes are affecting more of our community than ever before, hopefully improving quality of code, work, and life for everyone.

Desired session topics

  • Automated development & deployment of environments
  • Emerging best practices for Drupal 8 continuous integration
  • Changes in deployment and testing best practices from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8
  • Emerging best practices for Drupal 8 hosting and performance
  • Frontend automated regression &¬†performance testing
  • Distributed Drupal development (Docker, Vagrant, etc)
  • Architectures with Drupal as a service
  • Performance best practices
  • Configuration management
  • Testing best practices throughout the development workflow

Who should attend?

  • Small teams looking to improve their testing and deployment practices
  • Businesses looking to deploy large, enterprise-level Drupal infrastructure
  • Ops teams looking for Drupal best practices
  • Developers looking to learn more about configuration management and infrastructure automation