Code and Development

The Code and Development track aims to make you a better, more effective developer by helping you understand best practices and sharing ways to make Drupal work better for you. This track will introduce developers to new tools and techniques or expand on existing practices to make developing for Drupal better and easier, and demonstrate the power of Drupal 8 to deliver and transform content.

Desired session topics

  • Building a Drupal 8 site
  • Making the Drupal 8 transition (modules, 3rd party libraries)
  • Drupal 8 object classes tour
  • Interfacing with services
  • PHP 7
  • Decoupled CMS

Who should attend?

  • Teams who have built and launched sites on D6/D7 looking to make the jump to D8
  • Developers of useful modules who haven’t yet updated
  • Developers looking to pick up new strategies to speed up development
  • Developers looking to figure out best practices in general
Chris Jansen - legolasbo
Code and Development
Robin Ingelbrecht - robiningelbrecht
Code and Development
Sean Blommaert - seanB
Code and Development
Tatar Balazs Janos - tatarbj
Code and Development
Sander Van Dooren - sandervd
Code and Development
Wim Leers - Wim Leers
Code and Development
Jan Lemmens - vollepeer
Code and Development