Lost at Sea: How Google Lighthouse can lead your web site's performance back to shore

Experience level
50 min

Last November, Cash Williams published a pair of blog posts (Can I beat Dries? and Removing Unneeded Requests) challenging Dries to a "speed challenge". And so naturally my boss tasked me to make our 1xinternet.de just as fast. But our site is not a simple blog, but a robust Drupal site with a lot of images! Could it be done?  We'll find out in this session!

This session will follow the process of improving the performance of 1xinternet.de, including:

  • Initial analysis using Google's Lighthouse
    • Performance (first paint, time to interactive)
    • Best Practices (HTTPS usage, image aspect ratios)
    • SEO
    • Accessibility
  • What steps we took
  • Our progress so far in Lighthouse and WebPageTest (which Cash originally used for speed testing)
  • Next steps

This session is ideal for beginner or intermediate developers looking to learn more about optimizing website performance.