Social events

We believe social events are a great way of getting to know the faces behind the nicknames and to connect with each other. From personal experiences we know that getting to know each other is a great way of also getting information on how to solve or move certain issues further. It's obviously also important to be able to relax after a hard day of work in the contribution room or after presenting a session or soaking up all the knowledge.

Join us for the following social events! Note: separate registration is required for each of them.

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Gravensteen / Castle of the Counts

Monday: Opening Reception in the Castle of the Counts

Join us for a free opening reception at one of the absolute top sights in Ghent! We will gather at the medieval Gravensteen / Castle of the Counts. Go and explore this majestic fortress with a unique collection of torture equipment.

During the opening reception we will provide you with free drinks (limited consumptions) and have a food truck ready where you can order something to eat (including veggie / vegan options).

Practical: we will gather at the Gravensteen castle (Sint-Veerleplein) at 19h

Venue for this social event sponsored by Ausy.

Lights on Van Eyck

Tuesday: Lights On Van Eyck + afterparty in RAY

The ideal activity for those who enjoy a unique blend of multimedia art, music and projection!

A digital and musical reinterpretation of the world famous Ghent Altarpiece composed by Mat Collishaw is sure to bring you pure wonderment for half an hour. Enter the Saint-Nicholas church, behold a magical light show with projections on all walls and vaults, and engage in a digital arts experience. Regular live performances complete the picture.

This multimedia experience is accessible to a wide audience of all ages: families, tourists, groups, lovers of art, and techies. Those who have been looking forward to the next edition of the Ghent Light Festival are sure to enjoy an exceptionally innovative project in the heart of Ghent. ‘A Digital Tribute to Van Eyck’ is a collaboration between Mankind and Both were major crowd pleasers with their dancing robot arms and fire-breathing dragon during the previous Light Festival in 2018. Hopefully this will inspire you to also visit Van Eyck - An Optical Revolution, the largest Van Eyck exhibition ever, at the MSK Ghent, or (part of) the Ghent Alterpiece in the Saint-Bavo's Cathedral.

After diving into the most famous work of art in Ghent, we can enjoy ourselves right next door at RAY.

Practical: we will gather at the Saint Nicholas church at 18:00 - tours will start at 18:30.

Venue for this social event sponsored by Hinto.

Board games night at Holy Food Market

Wednesday: Board games night at Holy Food Market

On Wednesday we will gather at the Holy Food Market, the renovated Baudelo chapel. We expect to have a wide selection of board games available (please bring your own board games!), so everyone can join in the fun!

There will be an option to buy drinks or order food at an Italian food stand (including veggie / vegan options).

Practical: you are welcome starting at 19h at Holy Food Market, Beverhoutplein 15.

Venue for this social event sponsored by

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Please note that some events have limited spaces, so it would be nice if you would RSVP in advance. If you did not register, you are still free to show up obviously.

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