Alexa skills design patterns implementation in Drupal

Session track
Code & Development
Experience level
50 min

Voice user interfaces have more and more impact on our daily lives: on our mobile phones, in our homes and in the offices. 

The techniques and metaphors of graphical user interfaces do not apply to the world of voice. 

The demand for alexa skills development is constantly increasing and we need to know how to integrate them in Drupal.

With live practical examples in this session you will learn : 

  • How to get started exploring and developing an Alexa Skill
  • How to generate an Alexa skill directly from drupal leveraging the Alexa skill manager module
  • How to generate Alexa notifications from Drupal
  • How to use account linking between drupal and Alexa for dealing with authenticated users
  • How to integrate an existing drupal commerce instance with Alexa
  • How to integrate drupal with Amazon echo show with APL