CKEditor 5 for Drupal Developers

Session track
User experience
Experience level
50 min

CKEditor 5 will be replacing CKEditor 4 in Drupal 10. The new CKEditor 5 is a whole new way to think about a WYSIWYG. It makes the task of editing content easier and more reliable. It gives developers new tools for empowering editors to add structured content and consistent styled components to a page without complex nested entity references or free-for-all full HTML editing, and has a robust plugin system for adding any new feature you can imagine.

Replacing all the features of CKEditor in core and then fostering an exciting ecosystem of new plugins means it must be straightforward for the community to test and collaborate on them. In this session you will learn why this new content editor could both simplify the work of building pages in Drupal and add modern improvements. You will leave with a better understanding of how to extend CKEditor 5 with your own features. You will be invited to get involved in ensuring this upgrade happens in time and exceeds your expectations.

Session video: