Design Thinking Documentation Tool (DT)² with Drupal

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50 min

At the University of Hildesheim we teach our students the process of Design Thinking to deal with wicked problems. We realized that the process itself is often sparly documented. For example at the end of a course the student present their final product but if we ask "How did you get there?" then they do not have an adeqaute answer. Thus we have developed a Design Thinking Documentation System based on Drupal. You can find a little brochure about this here (German)We started with Drupal 7 and ported it to Drupal 8. Since then we extended our system with an alexa skill and the help of our students. An article about the project can be found here. We also developed a litte box which interacts which uses phicons to interact with the user and works in a decoupled way to talk to our Drupal instance. The (DT)²-Box, you can find a short article about it here. At the moment we are finishing an mobile app which is connected to our Drupal instance as well. 

The session would be about the process of building such a satellite system with Drupal and how we achieved it to work. 

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