Migrate for recurring data import : lessons learned and tales from the trenches

Adelson Ruelle
Arthur Deryckere
Session track
Code & Development
Experience level
30 min

For a couple of years, it has become somewhat the norm for every website we build to be interfaced with multiple data sources. In those cases, we find ourselves reaching, most of the time, for the migrate module.
During this session, we will share our experience using the module as a general purpose ETL framework for continuous content ingestion. Even though we will do a quick evaluation of the alternatives, we will focus on Migrate and the technical aspects of it. There are a lot of gotchas we wish we knew about when we first started using it and this session will try to cover some of them in 20 minutes.
We won’t go over the basics so you’ll probably want to be already familiar with Migrate and some of its ecosystem.
We don’t claim to know everything and we hope the session will also spark discussions, remarks and interactions with the audience, as they may have suggestions of their own.

Session video: