YoYo: Natural Language Processing with an Elastic Drupal

Session track
Business & strategy
Experience level
50 min

Big data and machine learning are hot, when you see presentations on CMS conferences the subject matter is usually about hooking up content to external API’s like Amazon Echo or Google Assistent.

This presentation will zoom out to give an overview of what Big Data actually is.
We explore some principles of machine learning and what role and opportunities there are for Drupal as a versatile CMS.

Finally we deepdive in our recent project on AI/NLP with Tensorflow and how to get sensible big data results back to the user. Since recently Elasticsearch has its own Drupal 8 module and is well suited as a fast hierarchical presentation layer. 

The difficulty of this task is medium, not due to complex code but it requires some mathematical insights to get started with the AI, ML and NLP concepts.
There will be a BoF planned after, for further hands on insights and exchange of knowledge.

Session video: